Flying in my dream

In-flight news and views:

Burma cover 1

Remembering flightpath:

Burma index 1

Burma index 2

Burma index 3

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Describing flightpath:

Wings on fire

Unbreathable crimson gust

Rough journey and dangerous storm

How tough and how rough it gets

Flying out to the end of this road…

from Flying in my Dream by Kee Choi

More info from the Alternative Asean Network on Burma: see

Still longing:

San San Tin by Khet Mar web

San San Tin, Burmese writer-in-exile in the US

Photo by Khet Mar. More at

In-flight reading #I

wisdom birds red small

This beautiful book! Especially the story of Peter – the domesticated Dutch red knot – in the chapter ‘Disappearing Fantasies: The Emergence of Migration‘.

Also: The Snow Geese by William Fiennes; Elizabeth Bishop’s collection of poems Questions of Travel; articles about magnetism and (separately, but connected) push/pull factors; Sujata Bhatt’s poem The One Who Goes Away; Birds of Thailand by Craig Robson; the International Women’s Development Agency’s Annual Report 2013 on working with groups of Palaung, Karen and Shan women on the Thai-Burma border.