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Birds on the move worldwide

  • 50 million migratory waterbirds use the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF)
  • 700 sites recognised as internationally important to migratory waterbirds along the flyway
  • 22 countries are on the route of the EAAF
  • 16 countries belong to the EAAF partnership: Australia; Bangladesh; China; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; Mongolia; New Zealand; North Korea; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Russia; Singapore; South Korea; Thailand

Source: East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership

Asian Flyways

People on the move worldwide

  • 214 million estimated number of international migrants
  • 27.5 million internally displaced people
  • 15.4 million refugees

Source: International Organisation for Migration

Asylum-seekers on the move towards Australia

  • 300 asylum-seeker boats headed for Australia in 2013 with
  • 20,587 asylum-seekers on board

Source: Weekly report of Operation Sovereign Borders by the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, 3 January 2014

Image courtesy Mutari via Wikimedia Commons

Image by Mutari via Wikimedia Commons