Lost and found

Vagrant: n. 1 a person without a settled home or regular work; 1.1 archaic a wanderer; 1.2 Ornithology a bird that has strayed or been blown from its usual range or migratory route eg ‘most birders are hoping to find the wind-blown vagrants of migration’

definition: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com

Being lost:

‘[The child’s] imagination was captured by the presence of this strange white princess from a land far over the sea…as she knew from the map that Rhayader showed her, and on which they traced the stormy path of the lost bird from its home in Canada to the Great Marsh of Essex.’

from The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico

snowgoose_illus scott web

First illustrated edition of Paul Gallico’s The Snow Goose, published by Michael Joseph in 1946; illustrations by ornithologist, conservationist and painter (later Sir) Peter Scott. Image www.paulgallico.info

Being found:


The Snow Geese by William Fiennes, 2002: a story of home, inspired by Paul Gallico’s novel.

Being somewhere in-between:

I sit at a turn from where

Roads lead in all directions.

from Crossing by Gulzar

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Image: http://www.signs4education.com

I am the one

who always goes away.

Sometimes I’m asked if

I were searching for a place

that can keep my soul

from wandering

a place where I can stay

without wanting to leave.

Who knows.

Maybe the joy lies

in always being able to leave –

But I never left home.

I carried it away

with me – here in my darkness

in myself.

from The one who goes away by Sujata Bhatt

We are guest people

without land or name, moving south and south,

wild birds seeking a place to call home.

from My Hakka Grandmother by Eileen Chong

Hakka hat

Hakka hat

 Image: http://www.hathorizons.com