From bats to bodies to border crossings


African fruit bats, hosts for the Ebola virus

African fruit bats, hosts for the Ebola virus

Image at Brossard at Flickr

epidemic: n.1 a widespread occurrence of a disease in a community at a particular time 2 such a disease…[from Greek epidemia ‘prevalence of disease’]

pandemic: adj. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world; n. an outbreak of such a disease. [from Greek pandemos ‘public’]

Definitions in Oxford Compact Dictionary, Oxford, 1996


Bodies and borders:

Ebola virus

Ebola virus


Ebola in West Africa 3 October 2014

Ebola in West Africa 3 October 2014

An Ebola flightpath

Ebola flightpath overseas


Images from (6 October 2014)

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someone is dressing up for death today, a change of skirt or tie
eating a final feast of buttered sliced pan, tea
scarcely having noticed the erection that was his last
shaving his face to marble for the icy laying out
spraying with deodorant her coarse armpit grass
someone today is leaving home on business
saluting, terminally, the neighbours who will join in the cortege
someone is paring his nails for the last time, a precious moment
someone’s waist will not be marked with elastic in the future
someone is putting out milkbottles for a day that will not come
someone’s fresh breath is about to be taken clean away
someone is writing a cheque that will be rejected as ‘drawer deceased’
someone is circling posthumous dates on a calendar
someone is listening to an irrelevant weather forecast
someone is making rash promises to friends
someone’s coffin is being sanded, laminated, shined
who feels this morning quite as well as ever
someone if asked would find nothing remarkable in today’s date
perfume and goodbyes her final will and testament
someone today is seeing the world for the last time
as innocently as he had seen it first


by Dennis O’Driscoll (1954-2012)