Macroflight by Microlight

Flight to the Tundra:

Follow one woman’s flightpath along the route of the Red-necked stint…

‘Since April 2016, I have been learning to pilot a microlight aircraft with the intention to fly the migratory route of the Red-necked stint from Australia┬áto Siberia to promote urgent action for shorebird conservation…’


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800px-calidris_ruficollis_-_marion_bayRed-necked stint in non-breeding plumage

Image courtesy JJ Harrison- Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


calidris_ruficollis_summer_plumageRed-necked stint in breeding plumage

Image courtesy Alpsdake – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Back from the breeding grounds

Sojourners return to Singapore



The globally endangered Great Knot was spotted at Seletar Dam and photographed by Francis Yap in mid-August.

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Life on the wing: the Great Knot

This bird’s a traveller, summers

in north-eastern Siberia,

winters in southern China

and has vagrants that fly to Australia…

from ‘The Great Knot’ by Robert Adamson