Migration nation

Settled in for summer

Migratory birds of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway are back in Australia for southern hemisphere summer, as is the well-travelled Flyway Print Exchange exhibition.

3980_whatson_size235x400Wings over water by Kate Gorringe-Smith

The exhibition is on display at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne until 27 March; see http://museumvictoria.com.au/immigrationmuseum/ and link to ‘What’s On’

Par Avian

Visitors are also invited to add to Par Avian, an installation of postcards with messages for all travellers along the Flyway, whatever their reason for travel.

Flyway 1Edwin Mighell’s Curlews

  – in transit at the Flyway Print Exchange exhibition at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in Singapore, 2015 –

See all the Flyway prints at http://www.theflywayprintexchange.info/prints

Par Avion

On a hunt for a mailbox
I carried the letter through town.
In the great forest of stone and concrete
this lost butterfly fluttered.

The stamp’s flying carpet
the address’s reeling letters
plus my sealed-in truth
now winging over the ocean.

The Atlantic’s crawling silver.
The cloudbanks. The fishing boat
like a spat-out olive pit.
And the wakes’ pale scars.

Down here work goes slowly.
I often sneak peeks at the clock.
The tree-shadows are black figures
in the greedy silence.

The truth is there on the ground
but no one dares to take it.
The truth is out on the street.
No one makes it their own.

Air Mail by Tomas Transtromer, translated by Patty Crane from Swedish




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