Fly-bys flock to India

Feeding birds in Kerala

Lesser Sand Plover, Kentish Plover, Grey Plover, Common Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper, Ruddy Turnstone and Whimbrel seen at Ezhara Beach, Kerala 21 November 2014

Grey Plover, Kerala

Grey Plover, Kerala

‘You’ve probably seen the Grey Plover (Pluvialis squatarola) and not paid it any attention. Singly or in little flocks, these little birds stroll on sandy beaches looking for tiny nibbles in the sand. Every winter, they arrive in droves to the coast of Kerala…’

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Ringed plover by a water’s edge

They sprint eight feet and –

stop. Like that. They

sprintayard (like that) and


They have no acceleration

and no brakes.

Top speed’s their only one.

They’re alive – put life

through a burning-glass, they’re

its focus – but they share

the world of delicate clockwork.

In spasmodic

Indian file

they parallel the parallel ripples.

When they stop

they, suddenly,

are gravel.

by Norman MacCaig

Fishing people in Kerala


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Watch traditional fishing in Kerala


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