The sadness of mango trees

Who leaves, who stays and what is left behind:

‘There has always been plenty of movement in the wide belt of Africa where the savannah of the Sahel gives way to ever-denser forest…But there are bigger migrations too…’

huge mango tree web


Songs for the Unsung

At that hour

when the sun slinks off

behind hills and night

– a panther –


ready to spring

upon our un-

suspecting city


i want to sing

the coiled desires

of this land

the caged dreams

of forgotten men


i want to sing

of all that was

but no longer is

of all that

never was but

could have been


i want to sing

the obsidian

unspelled hopes

of our children


i want to sing

to remind us

never to despair

that every hour

every minute

somewhere on the face

of this earth

it is glorious morning

by Cecil Rajendra

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