A word for a woman:

Bird: noun (person)

old-fashioned: a particular type of person ‘She’s a rare bird, is grandmother’

UK slang: a young woman ‘Is that Lee’s new bird?

old bird: informal, an older woman (disapproving: ‘this old bird was lecturing the shop assistant about her manners’; approving: ‘she’s a game old bird’ = one who is energetic, willing to do anything)

from Cambridge Dictionaries Online

A word for a birdwoman:

Kinnaree: half-human half-swan figures of Thai legendkinnaree bird woman web


Kinnaree Dancing:

Manorah, the most famous Kinnaree of legend, features in Thai classical dance

For another version of the Manorah legend see




Flying in my dream

In-flight news and views:

Burma cover 1

Remembering flightpath:

Burma index 1

Burma index 2

Burma index 3

burma index 4


Describing flightpath:

Wings on fire

Unbreathable crimson gust

Rough journey and dangerous storm

How tough and how rough it gets

Flying out to the end of this road…

from Flying in my Dream by Kee Choi

More info from the Alternative Asean Network on Burma: see

Still longing:

San San Tin by Khet Mar web

San San Tin, Burmese writer-in-exile in the US

Photo by Khet Mar. More at

The sadness of mango trees

Who leaves, who stays and what is left behind:

‘There has always been plenty of movement in the wide belt of Africa where the savannah of the Sahel gives way to ever-denser forest…But there are bigger migrations too…’

huge mango tree web


Songs for the Unsung

At that hour

when the sun slinks off

behind hills and night

– a panther –


ready to spring

upon our un-

suspecting city


i want to sing

the coiled desires

of this land

the caged dreams

of forgotten men


i want to sing

of all that was

but no longer is

of all that

never was but

could have been


i want to sing

the obsidian

unspelled hopes

of our children


i want to sing

to remind us

never to despair

that every hour

every minute

somewhere on the face

of this earth

it is glorious morning

by Cecil Rajendra