Onwards and upwards

Putting planes on paper in Singapore, c 1925:

Khoo Seok Wan, poet and reformist, 1874-1941

Khoo Seok Wan, 1874-1941

Seeing an airplane pass

weighing hundreds of stones

this flying car lifts off

the weighty metal body

nimble as a bird before the moon

its sounds, trailing behind

shatters the silent dawn

a pair of wings

stretched wide

their flight unhindered

by mist and rain

over rivers and mountains

it cuts its own paths

floating with the clouds

looking forward and upward

moving of its own volition

needing no winds to bear its weight

– by Khoo Seok Wan, translated from classical Chinese

koo seok wan 1 web

images: http://www.nl.sg

Paper planes in Singapore, 2009:

I fly like paper

Flying like paper

I fly like paper, an installation  by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng, 2009


Paying a flying visit to Singapore, 2014:

Band-bellied crake

Band-bellied crake

image: http://www.rbcu.ru

‘…just back from ogling the first Band-bellied Crake on Singapore (if record is accepted by the records committee)!’

– text to Flightpathproject from birder Lim Kim Keang, 1 March 2014

See Martin Kennewell’s video of the Band-bellied crake in Singapore 2 March 2014 at http://ibc.lynxeds.com/video/band-bellied-crake-porzana-paykullii/taking-bath

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