Flightpathproject is an arts initiative. It takes as its starting point the East Asian-Australasian flyway for migratory birds. This invisible line links the wild south coast of Western Australia with Russia and – give or take the occasional diversion – another 22 countries.


V-formation ed yong nat geoweb

Image at https://www.flickr.com/photos/frted/5142119589/

Flightpathproject is a work-in-progress with a low-key, long-term – and so far mostly unfunded – plan to work creatively across this flyway and other global flyways.

Flightpathproject is presently investigating literal and metaphorical interpretations of the notion of ‘flightpath’. Links to wide-ranging perspectives on and artistic expressions of flightpath are being posted regularly on the Archives pages of this site.

Flightpathproject is working with Hallowell Press from April 2016, editing the anthology Flightpath.  Guidelines, deadlines and more information at http://www.hallowellpress.com

Flightpathproject is also keen to hear from people who would like to or who already  produce, present, perform and publish other flightpath-related work.

Flightpathproject people might include birdwatchers, scientists, refugees, travellers and others, as well as artists of all disciplines. Flightpathproject work might be individual, collaborative or responsive. It might take the form of publication of image and text, presentation of exhibitions, readings and conversations, or broadcast of recorded sound.

Flightpathproject  has connected with birders, choreographers, photographers, printmakers, theatre-makers, visual artists and writers in Australia, India, Singapore, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom – and looks forward to engagement with other locations.

Flightpathproject can be contacted at flightpathproject@gmail.com or PO Box 57, Denmark, Western Australia 6333.

Line footprints 1 Morley Dec 26


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